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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    I had the same problem with my directors and higher-ups at working sending me friend requests. I just ignore them and hopefully the haven't noticed because no one had brought it up with me.
    adding your bosses is such a bad idea. i also ignore their requests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runvardh View Post
    Is that one of the things they added after our government chased them down? Can the friends see what group you put them in?
    Hah! I don't know if that's the reason why they added it... they say officially that it's by "popular user request" mayhaps its from some very special "users"...

    It is from my understanding that the friends can't see the groupings. (I.E. what privileges they are assigned to compared to other groups) Not sure if they can see the group names themselves (although I don't think so either). Let's hope you don't go around naming them as "loudmouth dung for heads"
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