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    A couple of thoughts..not really sure on this though..

    Feeling seems like it's more complex than could be described rationally - because feeling is something other than rationale.

    Still it undoubtedly has something to do with rationale, so it's back to square one - and very hard to describe. To go along with this there are unlimited emotions then there are feelings with not yet words to describe them..even more complexity. Maybe an impasse is as good as it gets but I'm really not sure

    Maybe philosophy and metaphysics is part of this too. It just seems that somehow feeling and thinking are inseparable. Because to recognize feelings isn't the mind needed? On some levels one can seem more front and center but the other is still there, it might just not seem like it.
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    Feeling is rational in alot of ways since feelings are related to our emotions feelers reason with their hearts and our emotions are what drives us forward. If A B and C don't match up it doesn't necessarily neglect the feelers decision. Falling in Love is a "feeling" decision. There are probably many rational explanations as to why falling in love is adaptable for the survival of our species.It may not make rational sense to the person falling in love but it makes sense in the grand scheme of universal law. In a way feeling is just unexplained reason it seems to fit but the person feeling it doesn't know why.

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    Feeling as rational is just emotion lined up with best interest. I think fjs do it more than fps and ef > if esp in mate selection.

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