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    WTF is this dude saying? A Schnitzel's Avatar
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    I once was so introverted I no longer talked to myself. What a said time that was.
    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    sheesh humans! for realz

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Schnitzel View Post
    I once was so introverted I no longer talked to myself. What a said time that was.
    ha! you intp's always make me laugh out loud . . . think i'll date one of you next

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    1) being an introvert is more of an advantage than disadvantage once you actually get a job. it's not like school where you talk to people all day. most jobs you just kinda do your job and go home
    2) wanting to be more formal at first is not bad, you just want to get the gist of what/who you're dealing with so that you can know what to do (as an INFJ, introversion, intuition and judging all strengthen this tendency)
    3) introverted intuition is probably the most detached, introverted function of all 8 functions. hence, interacting with people can almost seem like you have to go through a portal to meet them on their level. INFJs and INTJs (and to an extent INFPs and INTPs) have to check themselves against reality a lot because they worlds they exist in are completely different
    4) for that reason, it might just take you longer to be extraverted, even when you feel compelled to be so, the same way getting ready for a date might take a while, even tho you're looking forward to it
    5) this is really more of an N thing than an I thing, but you probably just think lots of people are really shallow and want them to shut the fuck up (I know I do hahaha!)

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    It's good to get involved - for one, it's good to rack up your own experiences. Half of the time, it's going to enrich your own judgement and creativity. At a certain point, neither Ti dom or Fi dom needs it, but you shouldn't withdraw too much either. I can't think of a more solitary INFP poet than Anais Nin, and even she frowns on too much solitude. "This abdication of life demanded of the artist is to be achieved only relatively. Most artists have retired too absolutely; they grow rusty, inflexible to the flow of currents." "To withhold from living is to die ... the more you give of yourself to life the more life nourishes you."

    Secondly, it's probably good for other people too. Shift perspective, and indulge a little in the idea that you're helpful, and that your presence is appreciated. I think introversion can be just as much non-conformity as it is non-sociability. In a good way, I mean. To be able to offer up some fresh ideas or criticisms that may very well improve group or family situations or projects.

    That said, I don't like dancing either.

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