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    Quote Originally Posted by ladypinkington View Post
    Ah- I have a great PLETHURA of stupid things I have said but I like to think of it rather as "Unintentional Natural Comedic Genius"
    I speak before I think and I have to think outloud. I also just redefine words or make up words because I am not going to let the Dictionary tell me what to say,lol. Seriously though I put the dictionary= the system on trial.

    I have said -
    I'm sorry but I'm not good at logicalizing.
    What we need is some gay people to straighten up the neighborhood.
    You have photogenic memory.
    Is there a number between 0 and 1? I actually argued with a mathematician about this,lol. That mathematician was my husband- who has a master's degree in math,lol.

    Conversation with husband last night or night before-
    Me- I should be able to say things like, literally died laughing.
    Hubby- That isn't using literally correctly though.
    Me- It's correct in MY dictionary. Besides I find the dictionary oppressive- Who do they think they are telling me what things mean- I wasn't there to have creative input and they just made stuff up like I do.
    Hubby- But people won't be able to understand you.
    Me- They can pick up on the "spirit" of the words I use and not the "letter".
    Hubby- "Sigh"
    Me -Laughing
    Hmm... I'm not really like that. In fact, I feel chills down my spine when someone uses a colloquialism or incorrect definition. Why is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    I know what you mean.
    I once had a friend who I apparently irritated to no end by being silent after she would ask me something. I was silently thinking of an answer. I did this all the time with everyone.

    Well, she railed into me something fierce. So from that day on, I attempted to make a sound immediately after someone asks me a question - to indicate to any person who had just asked me a question that I indeed was thinking, and would shortly come up with a response.

    Who knows what people would think when they would ask me something and I would stand there staring...
    Did she hear me?
    Is she going to answer?
    Does she understand what I asked?
    Is she an idiot?

    So now I use a quiet prolonged Uhh.. to let them know the wheels are turning.
    Or sometimes I will announce, "I'm thinking..."
    Sometimes I will even give them a play by play on what I'm thinking.

    Point being - you can learn something new.
    French speakers always fill up spaces with a sort of 'urrrrr' sound, have you noticed? If they are not quite sure what to say they never quite pause but go something like this:

    je urrrrrrrrrrrrrr-voudrais-urrrrrrrrrrrr-une-urrrrrrrrrrrrrr-baguette-s'il-vous-plait-urrrrrrrrrrr ...

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    Okay I know all these posts were made in 2007 but I laughed my head off. Especially the comment about the roomate who assumed a poster was retarded.

    I talk slowly. I'm not sure if it's type specific, however, because another INFJ I know talks really fast, especially when she's excited. Anyway, my talking style fits best with an INFP I know because wwee bbootthh ttaallkk lliikkee tthhiiss.. And since we both do it we don't feel dumb around each other.

    Well, speaking of brain delay, I was playing pictionary with a group of people and the drawer gave hints of what the drawing was going to be. But they moved on from the hint to starting to draw so fast that I didn't process the hint most of the time. So when someone was like, "hint: action" I would blurt out, "liquid!" and when someone was like, "hint: noun" I would blurt out, "running!" and everyone was like, "Didn't you hear? It's a noun. =____=" haha...

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