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    Quote Originally Posted by rainoneventide View Post
    Once I become more secure with myself I think it'll be better, because I usually end up thinking "oh, they're mad, it must be because of me" even though I know that that's not logical at all.

    INFP's have it tough, lol.
    This is true. I have come to feel that other people own their own feelings, and I am not the owner of them myself. But this takes time to separate your own ego from the emotions you sense in others.

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    I would say that if you're female, you should be extra careful about trusting those intuitions/feelings. You already are aware of the possible limitations though, so just continue to be on guard. Emotions can color the perception of the world around us, and can pollute the intuition. Guys can trust our intuitions more because we are already more wary of our emotions. Women are more comfortable with their emotions due to nature and nurture, which causes them to be less suspicious of them, hence there is a greater possibility that the emotions could pollute the intuition.

    In your OP, you also mentioned that you actually look at the person and their body language.

    For me, the intuition is an instantaneous and almost unconscious (sub-conscious?) thing. I don't consciously look at the person to read data. And unless the intuition comes in that instantaneous way, then you should be extra careful. Different cultures have different body languages and what would mean something in American culture could mean something entirely different in another.

    I live in America but grew up in another country, and you would surprised at the extent to which body languages could differ to the point of things having the opposite meanings between countries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coeur View Post
    I think that your assessments are probably pretty accurate. I have the same thing, although not as extreme. The thing that you /can't/ judge is WHY they are feeling that way. If someone seems upset, I worry that it is directed towards me, even if they are just having a bad day.
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