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See that is my current problem, I understand her better now since I've determined her type and read up about it, and this explanation made total sense, but I still just wish I could figure out how to keep her from meddling in my work quite so much. However innocent it may be, i don't like it and it interferes with my productivity and annoys me like there is no tomorrow.
Lol .. This isn't rocket science darling. Speak to her. Tell her that although you appreciate the hard work she is putting in, you are finding that it interferes with your productivity and is there anyway 'we' can can come to some kind of resolution over this.

We don't bite .. If what we are doing is not helping, then show us a constructive way of doing it better.

(Obviously i am only speaking from my point of view and she may well bite your head off for even daring to question her ways, only kidding. Just be prepared for some smooth talking should it go belly up. Not everyone is as amazing as me. ) lol