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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloriana View Post
    *beats up this thread and runs fast away*
    its a male infj. None the less we must protect our brethern!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    St. Stephen took rocks and St. Sebastian took arrows. You only have to take some jerks on an internet forum. Nut up.

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    Putting them in a situation where the group mentality promotes murder and other immoral things. Fe doesn't want to go against the general group climate so that could lead to a fe auxillary taking on the same mentality if around the wrong group for a long time. They would know it was wrong at first so the guilt aspect would bother them.

    Trying to force beliefs down their throat.

    Invading their personal space, not giving them any alone time. Guilttripping them for needing a break from people.

    Make them the bad guy and play the victim in a situation where the blame is either equal or they are not completely to blame.

    Try to convince them to do an activity or spend an elongated period of time in an overly crowded area. Because of inferior se, claustrophobia, and the overwhelming atmosphere, all of those emotions and surrounding things for fe to take in, it's a lot. A lot of things going by very fast, and overwhelming to take in all of it. For someone who is terrible at being in-the-moment, an environment like that is a living Hell.

    Talk to them about topics they are not interested in. An INFJ will engage in the topics, wants to get to know the other person, takes interest in the other person, but excessive talk about uninteresting topics can be draining.

    Tell them that their interests are wrong in some way or another.
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    Weep not poor children
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    "How to bother an INFJ?"

    Just say something.
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    To inflict real damage:

    Tell their secrets and spread believable misinformation about them that contains just enough bits of truth or plausibility to do some damage.

    Gaslight them in such a way that they start questioning their own sanity.

    Keep throwing emotional curveballs and surprises their way before they have a chance to process the last thing.

    Infiltrate or co-opt their group of friends.

    Cut them off from any information or communication completely without explanation.

    Engage their paranoia without overtly saying anything.


    For more minor annoyance:

    Make repetitive meaningless background noises where they are trying to hold a conversation.

    Surround them with inane group conversations that require consistent engagement.

    Make them participate in meetings and group work or decisions on a regular basis.

    Keep them guessing as to what their role in a group is.

    Make them go on fair rides that involve a lot of up and down movement.

    Make them do improv in front of a large group without any chance to observe first.

    Change plans they've been counting on regularly.

    State emphatically what your plans are that will affect them and then change things last minute.

    Pressure them into participating in group sports that they dislike where people are very competitive.

    When they mention something that bothers or disappoints them, immediately play the devil's advocate.

    Tell them things are fine when they're not but act inconsistently.

    Tell them that they are oversensitive.

    Gently mock people or things they secretly care about, and then act surprised when they react.

    Tease them in front of other people about their mistakes or foibles.
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    Force them to react to something in-real-time.

    Bring up the past.
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    leave the toilet seat up
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    Ok, your friend is hurt. That sucks. However, to make a person's life hell just because of a temporary thing such as a it worth it?
    Eventually, both parties will go their different ways and evolve with their own experiences...why not just ignore the douchebag, forget this person ever existed, and move on? ...

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    Willfully misunderstand them and/or systematically shoot down any point they try to make by talking as many circles as possible around it. Bounce off the surface of their words fast and hard without gleaning their intended meaning.

    Bring full attention to whatever you imagine they're feeling - no matter how small - and assume they want or need some over-the-top saccharine acknowledgment publicly sprayed at them and/or to publicly discuss it with you.
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