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Thread: So, INFPs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by runvardh View Post
    Depends on what you mean by low maintenance...
    "Stop it, you fuck. Give him some butter."
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Third Rider View Post
    INFPs seem interesting and low maintenance too. I should look for a INFP gal, where can I find me one of them?

    Xcuse me The 3rd - but felt that I must comment on low maintenance bit as well. True we can be low maintenance when it comes to the things standardly seen as important in a mate. However, we can be freakingly, up to the moon, back and around the earth high maintenance when it comes to say... our values. I know that I am. Acting on my values I have shocked and literally floored many people and stopped being a sweetheart in a quarter of a second. So if u don't want to get ur feathers burnt I wouldn't put us into cuties section too quickly . U see - two words and u got urself 'the talk'.

    As runvardh has said - depends how u interpret low maintenance.

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    Oh dear- I suppose I should be more patient and actually track replies on threads I make. Hehe...sorry.

    I did appreciate the responses very much, and affirmed exactly what I wasn't quite sure of, in regards to characteristics of my INFP. However, while I did appreciate the 'warning' (not sure what else to call it), put forth by one of the responses, I can assure you that it isn't 'one-sided'. Perhaps my diction was a bit unclear? I usually think that in any relationship, one should be concerned with the well-being of the other partner (not forgetting to take care of themselves mind you, as that can lead to the lopsidedness you seem to be concerned with, and rightfully so in most cases).

    Anyway, thanks again to repliers.

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