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    Quote Originally Posted by extraenfp View Post

    Who knew not doing such as simple thing could cause such my much trouble.
    I lol'd when I read that sentence!

    You sound intelligent, if for no other reason than because you have identified both your problem and the cause. I strongly believe things will get better for you in time, but I hope things get better for you soon. It's a tricky thing that you're dealing with, and I don't really think I can help, but I will type a few more sentences and we'll see what I've thought of by the time they are typed.

    People may make fun of you when you are being yourself. They will do so in direct proportion to just how weird you are, really. But the question is not really how weird you are, it's how to define and qualify weirdness. For good measure, I actually looked up the definition. It's "fantastic; bizarre." Wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what I was thinking. What is fantastic must by necessity not be commonplace. Stated another way, what is fantastic must necessarilly be weird. Interesting, you're actually a step ahead. But if you were a fantastic person, and perhaps you are, do you think everyone would celebrate you for it? Sure, if you saved babies from fires all day! But there is so much beauty that goes unseen, and even more that is in plain view but simply not appreciated. I am guessing that you have already noticed that the wise and wonderful beings of this planet have never failed to destroy beauty and greatness where it has occurred. Don't expect respect from the unrespectable.

    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds," said someone once, I think. And even if they didn't, it's true.

    If you were able to break out of your shell all at once, here is what would happen.

    1)People would in general probably enjoy your company more, as you say you have become more introverted than you should be.

    2)Most people would recognize after a short period of time that you are not a person to be lumped in with the rest, for better or for worse.

    2a)Some people would perhaps want nothing to do with you, I suppose, though I admit this category would be quite small unless you're a really sick puppy.

    2b)Some people will find you charming. This category would certainly be larger.

    3)Someone would tell you that a part of you that you think is good, they think is bad. You would dwell on this longer than is necessary or appropriate.

    4)Someone would like you for exactly who you are, and this is the reward to seek. Being understood for just who I am really does it for me, and I think many NFs feel this way.

    So the answer's actually really simple, and it's nothing you don't understand already, that some will think you're weird and some won't. But I've always gained a moderate (if false) sense of superiority from those who dislike me for my strangeness. I simply am. They are the ones incapable of understanding. I don't give them too much thought, and it works out fine, because those who can appreciate you for who you are will always make better company.
    An inscription above the gate to Hell:
    "Eternal Love also created me"

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    Just for the record, I did not create this thread.

    It looks like the Mods screwed something up.




    PEACE OUT!!!

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