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Haha! I wish I had gone to Sudbury Valley. Sudbury Valley School Home I was very interested in knowledge, just not rote memorization for the sake of a cookie or a "good grade".
that's not typical US HS? (I don't know a lot bout your hs)

I went to "mathematical-informatical informative center" - that was the name of HS... , we have formed class of 35 students and all courses we take as 1 group (always the same 35).. I was in class with at least 20 INTPs, ISTPs and INTJs-. LOL.

I was interested somehow, but wasn't ready for most of it..so I forgot most of history etc because I didn't understand wth is all that.
ENFPs are known to be less mature than they're old, ... I'm totally like that, in my estimation always 2-3 years behind - which isn't so much but. when i was 20 I was like most girls at 18. NOW i'm like 19 y.olds (i'm 22).
Anyway, i read that enfps mature slower so.. it could be one of the reasons why school is not perfect for us, in that time.

In general, schools in Croatia ask kids to learn to many useless infos, but dont teach them how to think, I mean incourage us to use heads. Which is much more important. I guess it's problem all over the world.