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    Quote Originally Posted by Wonkavision View Post

    Was that a joke?
    Ummm, well sort of...

    I think I would like to be a COO one day. It involves taking over, identifying weak points across a large organization, and understanding how to optimize both the organizational systems and the people systems to optimize the efficiency of the whole company. It has to be done with long term strategic goals in mind.

    Why? I want to maximize the overall level of happiness for both the people at the company and for my customers to keep Fi happy. The more efficeint, the cleaner, more productive and healthy the organization, the happier folks tend to be.

    This may mean Te has to be mean sometimes and dictate, given that a little pain right now, will make for greater happiness later.

    I think I may be a total nutter...but it's fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by noigmn View Post
    Make an ENFP a person who is never satisfied or fulfilled.
    Another outcome of seeing potential is the "grass is always greener" syndrome.

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