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    Wink ENFP social experiments

    Quote Originally Posted by Clonester View Post
    I told someone onetime that they were my next social experiment. I had a hypothesis and needed to find the answer.

    He was a bit weirded by it. I keep my social experimenting private now.
    I am new so know I am replying to quite an old post. My partners kids are wild and I have been studying Family Theory and Practice this year. I told my INTJ partner that I was going to experiment on them... luckily telling him the theory behind it helped him to see the usefulness. Lucky I use my power of social insight for good not evil!
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    Default Nerdy ENFP teachers

    Quote Originally Posted by neptunesnet View Post
    My AP Cal teacher in high school was ENFP and about three of the instructors at the AP conferences we had were ENFPs. You should have heard the kids laughing during break about the awkward yet upbeat energy they had. They were jumpin' all over the place! Were they even serious? You know kids....
    That's exactly the kind of teacher I am - awkward and upbeat. I was also good at maths at school. I wish I could explain the love for maths about ENFPs but I can't. I just know it gave me one hell of a kick and I'd explain it to anyone I could.

    tangent: Since INTPs are the REAL nerds (abstract, awkward, brilliant) I've also often felt a strong affinity with them, and always accidentally made them fall in love with me. ("You're a programmer? That's SO COOL!! What language? ... whoops, didn't mean it like that" )

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    I hate math. I dont' get the interest...

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