Reminds me more of a chase than of romance. I just move on if it's not there than try to create it. When others try to play, it just annoys me. If they want you, they should let you know, even obviously if necessary, so no mixed signals. It makes me think it's an animal reflex when it's light flirting and not serious. Being hard to get sounds more like a mating ritual than love, so no I don't try it. If others think that I'm doing it they should ask and find out if I'm interested or not, and not playing around. It works for others because it's light tension, a way to keep the flirting, courting, and excitement going, but eventually it stops, and if that's all someone knows they move on to try it on someone else. The point of playing hard to get is to get someone so interested that they capture you. But since when does anyone want to be captured?