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Hey everyone, I have a questions

Sometimes I have a tendency to 'ignore' people, for lack of a better term.

For instance there's a customer that comes in occassionally at work, and I don't really know them that well, though sometimes we do chit chat.

ANYWAYS, today he comes in with a terribly bandanged arm, and instead of conversationally asking, 'what's wrong with your hand' I totally ignored it because I didn't want them feeling like they would have to explain to everyone all the time what happened to them. What if it was something they found traumatic and they'd have to explain to me, and all because I asked?

Sounds stupid, but I didn't want to 'bother' them as such, but now I realise that this may make me appear as an uncaring, aloof person, though that was totally NOT my intention.

Is this more of an ENFJ or INFJ type thing to do?
Yeah I do this quite alot. Even when I see an old lady having problems walking or seems to have a handicapped problem, I would want to help them but then I start thinking that maybe she would feel worse if I helped her and may think that I see her as useless. So I just walk right past her and later I think that I was a jerk for not helping a poor old lady.