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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    I'm a pretty terrible nurturer I think. I'm kind of like a time-traveller from the future. I see bad things happening to the people around me and I feel for them but I mustn't interfere lest I endanger the very fabric of the space-time continuum. .
    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    Funnily enough, I've felt something very similar before. My need to give people space to live their lives sometimes fights with my desire to help them feel better.

    In the end, it really depends on how much I respect or care for the person, how much good I think I can do, and how appreciative they are. I can be very nurturing and supportive to those that fit those three criteria.

    i relate a lot to both of these posts, but also admit that sometimes i do intervene and have been a catalyst in both clean and painful change in others' lives..sometimes the urge to guide or protect is too strong to ignore. perhaps female NFs tend to experience this more..?

    i am apparently a very nurturing type (so i've been told), with both animals and people.. it's something that i think has always caused old women and parents of small children to favor me.

    until someone mentioned it to me i had never really considered it noteworthy as it's basically instinctual. it makes me feel cheesy and overly feminized sometimes when i am aware of it.

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    1- I am a "tough love" person, mostly because I expect even more from myself and I push myself harder than most anyone else. So I have a tough time understanding people who are soft with themselves.

    2- I think I would make a great father someday.
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    How nurturing I am depends on how much I respect the person in question. In other words, it's totally subjective.
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    I nuture the people in my inner circle, probably too much at times.

    Sometimes quiet, gentle strangers touch me deeply and I'll respond to them in a nuturing way if they seem to need and want it, but I'd never want to impose myself on anyone.

    And cats. I adore cats.

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    I'm not nurturing at all. I hate nurturing people and I also hate being nurtured. I'm more of a protector.
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    There are times when I'm kind of thrust into a nurturing role and it's awkward as all hell. I have no idea what to do or say.

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