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    Default infj and other iNtuitives

    how do you perceive the way you connect with other iNtuitive types and the way they perceive you, what they focus on, what they like about you, what you want to explore together, where your common ground is?

    with other N doms i get the best, most intense, most complex communication. the most information transmitted.
    entps: ideas: theory, webs of meaning, metaphors.
    enfp: self: subjectivity, values, purpose.
    intj: artistry: vision, style, philosophy.

    intps recognize infjs sense of the universe, like the logic of my own internal novel about existence, like another author. how strange and different it is yet still has its own logic of sense.

    infps recognize infjs sense of humanity, the questions we ask that show a window from society into the soul. like sitting on the ocean water seeing into the little window of a submarine. from their inside out to my outside in. that the self is an infinitely dense implosion of social forces/fabric, a weight we recognize, feel around us, and connect with.

    i do not understand our interaction with enjs. i usually am somewhat in-touch with their needs. i help provide useful feedback. i am still learning as to what i get out of this process. they are great leaders and social chameleons businesspeople/marketers, they provide access to areas of social life that are new to you, new networks, etc. they're like the arrows in mariokart that give you a quick burst of acceleration. with similar values they would be the ultimate connectors and communicators.

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    I'm starting to understand that there is a big difference in my communication with N's and S's - my relationships with N's is much deeper, and with S's it seems to stay on the level of small talk.

    INTJ's - share a love of exploring concepts, talking about research, art and it's meaning, literature and it's meaning. I'm able to provide insight into people's behavior, and they are able to help me move past feelings when needed.
    INTP's - Can be interesting, but I get irritated with the ones I know for correcting me about things that, to me, seem trivial.
    INFP's - Shared love of helping others, trying to bring kindness and beauty into the world, desire to be gentle and pleasing to others. My INFP friends also seem to share the love of art and books.
    ENFP's - The warmth helps me feel comfortable around them. Again, ENFP's seem to be interested in people, in connecting with others, contributing to the group, and I find some of their crusades compelling and intriguing.
    Other INFJ's - don't know any in real life or I'm not able to recognize them, but I wish I did.
    ENFJ's - I work really well with this type - we click, we get each other, and we end up becoming closer friends *much* faster than with other types. Tend to share a love of contributing to the group, parenting styles, exploration of art and relationships, and analysis of interpersonal relationships

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