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    Quote Originally Posted by Coeur View Post
    By unusual I do not mean the good type of unusual. I mean the old/creepy/stalkerish/disturbed/unstable/mental disorder unusual.

    It seems like no stable guys are interested in me. They barely notice that I exist. The weird ones, however, notice me immedietely and fall head over heels in love with me.

    Any theories as to WHY this happens? I've heard lots of stories from INFPs that go this way, so is this an INFP thing, or just me?
    Hmm, well, if I'm looking to experiment with my sexuality, I keep my eyes peeled for an INFP female, so maybe they just attract bisexuals. Or maybe INFPs attract INFPs? Because some INFPs are kinky stalkers.
    "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." -Francis Bacon

    "No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible." -George Chakiris

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    I had old ladies come up and talk to me - on a subway train in NYC! WTF? I guess I just look friendly. I had a guy start talking about his experience as a black child in the southern USA; no intro, just 'hey'. We were both smoking a cig, and he told me that he thought all white people were rich when he was a kid, and was shocked to find out that reality was different. Also in NYC.
    The truth is, I love this part of being an INFP. I like 'strange' people, and interesting interactions. Sometimes the slightest smile will be enough to bring it on. It's my pleasure to listen...most times. Sometimes crazy is crazy though...but even then, it's hard not to listen.

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    Yes, I attract unusual people on a frequent basis. But I think it's more a matter of my being attracted to unusual people. I take in not only stray cats but also stray people; an ever-expanding cast of characters that has crashed in my guest room over the years (sometimes for months).

    I think these people get the vibe that I find them interesting. They enjoy the attention. And I'm such an idealist, I get the idea that I can "fix" them. It has never yet worked; none of those people are OK today. But each experience was fascinating and I learned a lot about what makes people tick.

    It also provides an endless well of writing material.

    The problem is that sometimes I don't differentiate well between "unusual" and "unsavory." Criminals, con artists, and addicts can all masquerade very effectively as misunderstood bundles of potential. That's where I have to don my ESTJ shadow, set some boundaries, and get tough. I'm getting better at this

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