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Thread: Lovesickness

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    I always feel like I always want them more than they want me. It's not that I don't think they do want me, It's just I think that I'm always after something more serious, more deep, when a lot of people are after a shallow and social-oriented relationship. It makes me really sad.

    I just care so much that it drives me crazy. It's the best feeling in the whole world to me and it's all I ultimately and initially want. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    It's not limited to being "in-love" in a romantic way for me...I get this about people I study who have lived in the past, reading their biographies and things like that. You are exactly correct, a great but terrible feeling.
    I can second that

    For me it's about the thirst for knowledge about somebody you find interesting at that particular moment. And it's not about idealizing that person or wanting to possess them. Whether it's about romantic feelings or friendships, it is the need to find out as much information as possible to make up a picture of that person. This lasts for as long as it is needed to get the initial sketch ready in my mind and after that it's all about adding shades and colours.

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    Yes, I can definately identify with that. I just repress it, squish it down and stomp all over it rather than show an ounce of what I feel inside for anyone, until I am ready.

    Actually I find that with my friends, or anyone else I actually love in this world, I don't show even a half of it since to do so, would be to make myself vunerable and I don't allow myself to be that. I feel sick because I am required to supress these intense emotions lest I frighten anyone away lol but I can't express myself anyway, I just get twisted up inside with my emotions because these are very private.

    I do feel though, I can meet someone just once and feel love for them, walking away from such encounters with a small smile on my face, happy to have found yet one more soul I can connect to.
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    I don't need to be loved, because I'm not used to it anyway. I don't even feel the need to love, it even gives me weird feelings of guilt. But when something or someone that I love is being taken away from me, it does weird things to me. It makes me more pessimistic and unrealistic, and sometimes it seems then like I'd be manicly depressed or something. Believe me, I'm bad company when I'm lovesick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    It's not limited to being "in-love" in a romantic way for me...I get this about people I study who have lived in the past, reading their biographies and things like that. You are exactly correct, a great but terrible feeling.
    Oh, man is it bad sometimes. Not to sound dramatic, but with certain people, I love them so much, and connect so deeply with them, that they become like hooks in my heart - if I try to pull them out to spare myself the intenseness of my feelings, then it tears me and hurts me. Sometimes I feel so trapped by it - I can't imagine living on earth without this person, they become my air, they feed me, they consume my thoughts, but I can't be near them, and it makes me feel a little wild inside, so I try to divorce myself from my thoughts, and then I don't feel like myself anymore.

    Does anyone feel a sense of loss, like pining? I've always had a problem with that, to some extent, when I lose people or things I really cared about - I've only been in love once in my life, but when it all fell through, I felt like I was eating my heart out, and against my will even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    My fellow Intuitive Feelers..

    Do any of you ever get love sick?

    It seems like whenever I meet somebody or develop a friendship with anybody that instantly ignites the flame inside me I not only feel a rush of compassion and motivation, but a sense of unquenchable thirst, in a sense.

    Could it be a result of how deeply I (we) can feel things? That thirst that we can't tame until we get it? They dance in and out of your mind and you can't get up to join them. It's a great, but terrible, feeling.

    And all of a sudden, it's really the only thing that you focus on. Every thing melts without a single thought and it's just you and the end of the tunnel. The beautiful tunnel, with light oozing through, as if drawn to it like a mosquito.

    But there's always the thought that it could all melt away from you. You want to hold onto it as hard as you can, but know it could break in your love sick hands?

    Or do I just care to much?
    I know exactly how you feel man, almost every chick I talk to I feel this way about, it can be very irritating some times because I waste hours laboring over the thoughts of if she returns my feelings. It sucks man, haha.

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