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Thread: Tertiary Te

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    I don't think Te means that you need to be a bossy loud- mouth. (Thinks about some Te doms.. well, maybe it does )

    Well for me tertiary Te is just about being efficient, a problem solver, go-getter. Time schedules, organizing things. You don't have to yell about it and knock people down along the way. I think us efp's can do Te in a more relaxed and people oriented way. You might be using it without even realizing yet.
    Yeah but you have such an advantage on this as you observe the world as it happens (Se) instead of getting incredibly bored by having to go through the motions after you've already seen the likely outcome (Ne). The fact that I cannot keep up (Ne) with my vision of how things should be done (Fi) makes my Te really really elephant in china cabinet as I'm getting impatient and frustrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antisocial one View Post
    This is what I was talking about. What you have said is a good example of underdeveloped Te. Since every skilled Te user knows that he/she can't have them all at the same time even if intuituon can comprehend how would that look like.
    Ne means endless connected possibilities.
    Te means efficient, structured solutions.

    How do you combine the two? Really fast I'd imagine... Fi helps limit and select from the possibilities-for me I use the combo mostly in a utilitarian way-what is the "best" solution for the most people involved.

    I think Ne-Te in combo can be very impatient. Funny, I can see this some in my ESTJ boss when she starts to get a little frustrated...

    Also-my entp today mentioned I come across as very terse, impatient, and authoritative when I use a lot of Te written. Almost know-it-all flavored. In person it doesnt seem that way as I naturally balance it I guess. I love having others give me feedback and critique my ideas as Fi loves to make everybody happy. But since I use Te to give the ideas structure, it seems like them seem far more concrete than I ever intend them to be.....

    Is this just me???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Euhm, I went ENTJ on my INTJ and actually hurt his feelings in the process

    It was stupid, he'd been pushing me to do something, so I finally get to it and work at it all day (Te), but he get's in my way wanting to debate stuff as to how to do it. It...slowed me down and didn't get anywhere, so I told him that if he wanted me to take care of this (as I didn't exactly enjoy doing it in the first place and I finally wanted it sorted so we'd be done with it and the stupid project has been bugging me for years!), he'd either let me get to it and get out of my way, or do it himself. Apparently, I was less than diplomatic about this
    Sounds like it was a judicious use of Te and that he brought it on himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ne-Monster View Post
    Te makes me seem more prickly and unapproachable and unfriendly than my usual ENFP self.

    Is this just me???
    Nah. Te alone is one of the 'jerky' cold? bossy? functions. LOL.

    Seriously though, Te alone is one of those 'rough around the edges' qualities because it's all about getting stuff done or a point across in an efficient manner.

    Also, because people are used to fuzzy hugs from ENFPs, when Te comes out it seems surprisingly more 'rough around the edges'.

    It's similar to how with ENTPs who are not expected to be about extraneous warm fuzzies the Fe comes through the impact of the Fe seems even more magnamimous and generous.

    Also the written word is totally devoid of human context - most things unless you make an extra effort to, sound pretty blunt in writing.
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