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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Normally, if you're not the cause of Fi going mental, she should just be venting. So you won't take any fire. Just..resist the urge to be amused at it, or hide it really well (I know you ), or you will suffer greatly
    You ask for too much! Hilarious when you people burst into flames like that. Although not so hilarious when it's my fault or I point that out.

    Actually it kinda is.

    And her feelings are valid. They have a cause, a reason and are a part of who she is. It may not be a logical reason, but that doesn't invalidate the feelings. Make it clear that it's ok for her to feel this way Does that mean that the feelings are useful and should be acted on? Hell no, but that's something you can discuss after she's cooled down
    Yeah...if you say so. Never really liked that reasoning because it means you can justify anything as being worth consideration as long as "you feel that way", which I think is pretty much crap. Obviously it's a mindset I'm still trying to work out.

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    Grin, ok consider, at least acknowledge that she's entitled to feel the way she wants to feel, just like you are allowed to feel aggrevated that she has to go through that process (also feelings, my dear). That she cannot help those feelings, and that fighting them (whether it be you or her that fights them) does none of you any good. In the name of efficiency...understand this is a necessary step to get where you want to go as fast and efficient as possible act upon your aggrevation by rolling your eyes at her for doing this. Realize you're allowed to be aggrevated, but it's not going to do you any good by acting on it

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