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    Me and ENTJ bff Athena:

    Me: That guy needed killin'.
    Athena: He did. A lot of it.
    Me: He hurt people.
    Athena: He smelled bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    Yes and also from the Fe (or perhaps J) point of view, my first assumption when people tell me they're feeling bad is that they want me to help fix it... or at least that's the expectation Fe hears behind the words. Now the big question is what exactly can I do? I can hear you out sure, but that in my mind doesn't solve anything. Perhaps it's the directness of J wanting to cut through it all to fix something. Instead INFPs tend to just talk and talk with the expectation and doesn't seem to "do anything". Rather frustrating on my part. So after awhile I tend to just get out of these conversations as quickly as possible. Not because I don't want to help, but I couldn't see how I could help.
    I get how it would seem that way to Fe, but the fact that you're willing to be our sounding board, means you *are* doing something. You're allowing us to sort out our head which in fact is the solution. You'll ask questions we haven't thought of because we're too closely involved, and notice details we've missed. And it's much appreciated. Once our heads are sorted out, we can come up with solutions quite easily ourselves

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