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    Default "losers" in this society? what/who are they?

    I just suddenly thought about this last night:
    after knowing MBTI Personality Typing quite deeply, do you think the concept of "losers" still exist,..strongly?
    or, perhaps,
    there is actually no such thing as "definite loser" in this society,
    it's just that these people have certain valid reasons for:
    - not wanting to go through hassles to 'climbing the corporate ladder' which mainstream society (& people) often are trying to pressure constantly upon them
    - they have different perspective, POV about this Life, and how it should be lived
    - these so-called "losers" are actually pretty smart people, but they're just only lack ambitions & willpower, or motivation to burn their energy down that ONE single path to success ; that they rather just want to absorb as many things in life, instead of just focusing in ONE path, and get beaten through it a lot of times,...which is usually troublesome, and brings a lot of stress, that these so-called "losers" don't want to bother with?
    - they just don't care, and have a lot of valid reasons to back up as to why they just seemingly don't want to do anything in their life ?

    the more I thought about it, and especially in terms of MBTI perspective,
    the more it somehow started to scare me that perhaps the strong "P" would be the most prone to this so-called "loser" syndrome!
    I'm sure that those of us who got to know MBTI for a long time here already know that this PHYSICAL world needs the "J" type a lot more (usually), in order to accomplish "success" , especially in the working world, as compared to the 'wanderless' "P" type.

    I can even cite some examples:
    - my cousin is a really smart & witty person, and although I haven't tested him, I really believe & quite sure that he's probably a strong INTP.
    whenever we're in a 'big family' gathering & dinner, he can comes up with really strong & smart arguments (delivered in a witty manner too!).
    but even that now he's already 31 years old, all he does is just playing online-video games at his home (well, his parents are super-rich, though), and he just seems to lack any willpower, or motivation to just "stick at one path/career, and just GO HARD-BEATEN through it!"
    - my father (somewhat..), and some few of my friend's dads that I've also seen,
    that they're also smart people, and often vocal in any kind of argument, and also like to criticize how this mainstream society works, and the stupidity in the "system" ,
    yet, what these people do is often 'unclear' , as if they can't stick in ONE kind of job, or path!
    and hence, as a result, they appear to be much less 'succesful' than those "ambitious, HARD-working" Dads that, according to my Mom, can and even willing to go to work at 7 AM, and got home often late at night around 9 or 10 PM ! and according to my mother, the latter is the ONLY example of the types of people that will succeed in Life!
    but perhaps to the former group, it's again, just so "troublesome", and perhaps just too "boring" , or too "stressful" for them, to focus & dedicate themselves to "succeed" !

    these things seriously starts to scare me a bit,
    as I can somewhat see that I could probably EASILY become these so-called "losers", especially in this hard, edging, fast-paced, very competitive era we're living now! (damn how I just hate that last word so much: "competitive", arggh!@#$).

    if you were to ask me, what I want to do in this life is just:
    - to keep gaining & absorbing NEW knowledges & experiecnes in this life,
    - while ENJOYing this life,
    - and not to get burned-out in anything, and not work too-hard.

    are these even the signs of "losers" , according to the mainstream society these days??

    and besides, I thought,
    I've heard this popular phrase roughly that "90% of the world's resources is attained by only 1% of the people at the top of the world" anyway!
    and to do that, you probably have to do a lot of what I would call: troublesome, stressful, and even sometimes 'dirty' things (& tricks!) to get to the very TOP of the world, in other words, to SUCCEED a lot in life!
    I don't know why, but somehow, right now I just can't see the 'beauty' of pursuing that path...
    is this a sign or symptoms of "losers" too , I wonder?...

    what really defines "loser", in your opinion?
    let's discuss about this.

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    I suppose I'd offer myself as a definition of that word. I don't have the energy to deal with reality on it's own terms... at all. I'm a loser, but mostly because I don't enjoy the game enough to play.

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    Your are not a loser. If you are happy and content with your life, you are ahead of most of us. If you are not even in the game, there is no way you can lose.

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    Not really. There's no definite loser, however there are losers depending on what criteria we're using. Even then my father would argue that a person at his lowest is not a loser because he hasn't given up. Even those that have given up to apathy don't really desire the label, but instead sympathy and empathy so the label is kind of meaningless.

    Do you honestly think of yourself as a loser?

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    Kinda a subjective word.

    But I think it is used by people who tend not to see the larger picture.
    And see that there is a purpose for everything. We need people with strong
    J's and strong P's.

    I think what is important is people play to their strengths. Like playing video games? Make a living out of it.

    Some of the Ps i know are the very best at creative thinking. Try teaming up with a J, they do the part you find boring(well atleast an SJ).
    Join my gamma group on facebook:
    Thats if you are either ENTJ, ISFJ, ESFP or INTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenocyde View Post
    If you are not even in the game, there is no way you can lose.
    That's a nice perspective.

    The word loser is an empty word. Very often based on superficial, 1-dimensional viewpoints. There's not much more to say about it.

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    I think that _N_P are often noted for their potentials, but don't "do" enough to empty up meeting stereotypical definitions of success. Follow through and being able to do the same thing over and over to a given standard are worth a lot. Finding new paradigms is not most people's full-time pursuit. Assertiveness and follow through are worth a lot in the professional world. "Here is what I did" sounds MUCH better to a boss or recruiter than "here is what I want to do."

    Happiness is derived from one's personal relationships, work is usually just work. Work doesn't bring most people happiness. That seems to be the current thinking ogf people who study/measure/quantify happiness.

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    Hey. i get by. i do my part to help others and stuff. i do know...get things done and stuff like that.

    *busts out a bag o chips and a big mag and wonders why the feeling of being attacked by the whole concept*
    everyone uses every function about evenly. take NE for example. if there are those who don't use it much, then why are there such massive amounts of people constantly flowing through Wallmart with 20 items or less?

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    It's interesting, because I think that lots of so-called "winners" in our current society...say Paris Hilton or Donald Trump...are TOTAL losers. I don't want people like that near me. Ever. And someone really should take some of their money away from them and do something that's actually useful with it, besides posing for cameras and bullying interns.

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    them yung whipper snapprs with ther trousers hangin down below ther knees with ther foul language, peircins, loud music and cigarettes. Ther always walkin on my lawn.
    istps, mos' likely.

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