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    You should send all of the kids to a friend's house!

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    I relate to the original post so much! You are definitely not alone!

    I went to a party this past weekend, I think I talked to about 20+ people and I came home utterly drained. I'm trying to rebuild my social circle up, but doing it is exhausting I tell you! I'll come home after all the small talk and chit-chat at a party, in my car listening to music thinking "Ok wait, what just happened? What exactly did I gain from that?". I'm not what you would call shy, but I'm just not extroverted. I watch people at parties seemingly so content just to be surrounded by so many others and I wonder "What is THAT LIKE?". I'm 31 now and have thought that for so many years you'd think I'd get tired of it, but I still think it!

    I've learned not to schedule too much after I go to a party or host a lot of people because nine times out of ten I will be agitated for a good two days following. I might have had a good time, but that much 'people stimulation' just blows my fragile leetle mind, hehe.

    I am going to start using the term "All peopled out" now, I love it!

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