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    Quote Originally Posted by Cachao View Post
    Haha, this thread is almost as amusing as it is an epic failure.

    It's an internet forum, folks. I might get upset if someone stereotypes me to my face. On an internet forum where [idiots exist and] people kid around and are trying to figure out how types generally think? No.

    It seems like some of the NFPs have this inner desire to prove that they can be "bad to the bone" (sorry if I'm being captain obvious here). Oh wait, I just stereotyped you.

    I prefer to be boiled in extra-virgin olive oil, thanks.
    that is such an INTP thing to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortabunt View Post
    But the fluff zone was created for people like you.
    Quote Originally Posted by noigmn View Post
    We are responsible for ENFP Playground and proud of it! I think the links between ENFPs and unicorns might have been our own doing, and I'm all for it continuing.

    p.s. this thread is amusing

    And you're mistaken if you think that hanging out with unicorns in the fluff zone somehow keeps you from being evil

    But keep thinking of us as harmless little bunnies

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Why does everyone stereotype NFs as being peaceful, nature loving, happy, cuddly little souls?

    MBTI is a matter of preference and is so general, that it was probably never meant to be used so drastically and specifically as we use it here. We assume so much, and remember so little about what MBTI really is. It's not WHAT you do..but HOW and WHY you do it. You can have an NF in the can have an SP can have an NT Garbage man..or an SJ rock star. NFs do what they of love and inspiration...whether it be leading peace rallies, saving the rainforest, killing enemies in battle, or in the confines of a cubicle in a large corporation.

    Stop stereotyping NFs, everybody! It's about individual and less about 'oh, he's this type so he must be like this, or he must have a job in this'. No, that's all wrong and you're assuming so much it just makes you look arrogant.

    I have to say..this forum, being here, and interacting has kind of ruined my outlook and intelligence of Myers Briggs. It's sort of taking it too far, in general..this isn't really what personality types should have ended up like. But that doesn't matter, we're here and we do learn a lot of other things. But please, can we try not to stereotype other types often as we do, and relax and realize it's more about the individual and that we're all insane?

    ^^^^ I CAN be happy and cuddly, but I can also be a TOTALLY GRUMPY ASS. Almost never peaceful, unfortunately. Do love nature, though.
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