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    Default INFP/INFJ thoughts on INTP's

    Any INFP's/INFJ's married to or have experience dating an INTP? What are your overall experiences with INTP's? I'd like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly so that I can better understand how the two types interact and how they view each other. What got on your nerves? What did you love? Why do you think you would be able to marry one or why not?

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    Thread merge with this one perhaps? They're pretty similar....
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    I love INTPs, (so far as it is realistic to love an entire type!) I find most every INTP I meet very interesting, we seem to hit it off easily. The ones I know are extremely amusing and I've noticed that they are generally quite respectful and gentle if they like you. They seem to like getting to the truth of a matter the way I like to as well.

    I dated an INTP and we were a little hit and miss with any kind of emotionally complex communication. But we adjusted to each other and the intellectual connection was wonderful. Irl I have noticed that INTPs tend to acknowledge when they are not skilled in more intricate emotional discourse and that makes the path a little smoother from my pov.

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