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    Quote Originally Posted by Joehobo View Post
    Only boring people find me boring.
    I like your style.
    I hope I'm wrong, but I believe that he is a fraud, and I think despite all of his rhetoric about being a champion of the working class, it will turn out to be hollow -- Bernie Sanders on Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott N Denver View Post
    Sometimes I feel like "INFP's: The most interesting people that you will never actually bother to talk to."
    Hehe, agreed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alwar View Post
    Not if you get past their shields.
    You sir, are awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantonym View Post
    I'd love if people would come to me to talk but at the same time I'm trying my hardest to blend in to the background.
    There’s the rub.

    Quote Originally Posted by Orobas View Post
    It's because you guys are damned invisible. After talking to Udog, Ihave been trying to engage the INFPs. You guys are like faries.

    "hi INFP, how are you?" Down go the eyes in a sweet Fi way and you deflect the conversation onto somebody else in the room. Like you have force fields or something.

    Then I look up and you have vanished into the mist.....

    Quote Originally Posted by MattC333 View Post
    In a word...No!
    I love INFPs, they are more stable than ENFPs yet are on the same wavelength. They can enough sense without going off on excited tangents!
    I think of us as ENFP lite.

    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    I think 80% people think I'm insanely boring. The things that interest me, consequently the stuff I like to talk about, often leaves people with either this glazy eyed expression or a WTF look. I don't think they dislike me - they just think I'm a harmless weirdo. I would have to say I'm not the sort of person people ever really hate, nor am I the person people really like. To me, this = boring.

    As for the other 20% of people:
    - 18-19% tolerate my 'boring-ality' because they kinda like me despite it.
    - 1-2% really connect with me and find me interesting
    This is spot on.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrystalViolet View Post
    I also think we are somewhat of an acquired taste. Those who like us, and find us fascinating, tend to hold us in high regard, but I guess more than a few people wonder why, 'till some thing sage comes from our mouths.
    Makes sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asterion View Post
    I think if you can dig under the solid steel walls of an INFP without scaring them too much, you'll probably find them to be very interesting people. The iron clad fence may look dull on the outside, but on the inside there is a hyper imaginative mind.
    This is very accurate. My mind is an imaginative circus that hardly anyone ever sees. And the walls thing.... yeah.... heaven help us if we have a decent amount of sp in our stacking or have had some bad experiences.

    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    it takes them a while to formulate their thoughts, sometimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    i'm not sure what it is, but it seems like there's a lot of subspecies of infps, and i don't think it's just that i identify with the values of some very strongly and the values of others weakly. it MIGHT be 4w5 vs 9w1, but i really don't think so. occasionally you'll meet an infp that seems so brilliant and complex and masterful when dealing with (the articulation/understanding of?) the world of feeling. it's deeply humane, profound, and healing. helps release those things festering inside all of us, give voice to them, hear them finally for the first time, and use that productively in our lives/know ourselves better.

    Quote Originally Posted by Casssita View Post
    However, I think UDog has hit upon the problem. INFPs are unassuming. Unassuming is often boring. Also, some of us tend to have issues interacting in anything other than a one on one setting, so... unless conditions are practically perfect, any potential for being interesting is locked away. Internally, the INFP in a group setting is too busy gasping like a fish to be interesting. Or... at least me. I believe some of the more extroverted types can function better with people, and draw attention through antics and general charisma, and as INFPs, we are keenly aware of the fact that we can't capture interest in such a way- whether or not we'd actually want to. (Afterall, it is contrary to our character to be in the spotlight...)
    Yeah, unassuming is a fair descriptor. And I infinitely prefer the one on one setting.

    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    INFPs are boring when they lose confidence or don't feel safe to come out of their shell. They will withdraw and remain very silent and still, not unlike a turtle into its shell, and not come out again until they feel its safe to play.

    Withdrawal is a common safety mechanism it's just that being already baseline shy, INFPs doing it a lot means that people around them (except for the kindred spirits who can sense their real personalities under the surface) will never really see the actual INFP, just their game-safety face.
    This is so true.

    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    See, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I think INFPs are humble (which is a positive trait) but lacking confidence is the pebble in your shoe.
    I've dated at least one INFP who said those exact words, "I'm actually a pretty boring person. I'm not that interesting". I think she really believed that and it caused all kinds of problems (amongst other things) because she had all these confidence and even trust issues that was compounded by INFP need for reassurance.
    Again, unfortunately so true.

    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    I think it's the combination of introspection (I), concept-focus (N), inner-feeling (Fi), and non-closure-oriented P that create the situation of INFPs being a little harder to spark mutual exchange with. The introspection makes you largely internal-self-focused, and your strongest convictions are based in personal feeling, which is often hard to share about in the first place, much less is it always well-understood by the world. The external focus that you do have is Ne, which means that you're mostly looking at patterns and atmospheres, and not attending to the concrete reality that others can easily engage with as well. And finally, the lack of J means unlike INFJs, you exhibit less of a major drive to actively change the external world (their Ni/Fe combo). In this way I would say INFPs are the most cognitively "removed" of all the types from the tangible world, and simultaneously, then, the hardest to engage with. However, that doesn't mean that engagement with you is not very rewarding! Plus being the most removed has an equal benefit, which is that of not being limited by the tangible world and therefore being able to be the most idealistic of the types, the ones who are best able to envision and strive for the highest betterment of humanity. INFPs are sort of the most "pure" of the types.
    It’s interesting, because @Rasofy had mentioned something similar…

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