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    Default INFJ dating an ISFP?

    I'm just curious what others' experiences have been with (or witnessing) romantic relationships between INFJs and ISFPs? I'm an INFJ (I think) and I'm pretty sure I'm dating an ISFP. He's never taken a MBTI test (and I'm not sure he'd be comfortable doing it). He's less "artistic" than the stereotypical ISFP (from what I've read) and he loves mechanical things, so I sometimes wonder if he's an ISTP. However, he seems to love affection and doesn't fear showing it like ISTPs often do, and he has that gentle, loyal, and unassuming personality that ISFPs are supposed to have.

    Anyway, we get along great 90% of the time, but I think because we're SP/NJ, I don't think he understands or can take an interest in a lot of what I think about. I usually think about larger, abstract things (literature) and people; I love trying to analyze and understand people. As an SP, though, those intellectual/mental problems don't resonate with him. It's all about making things and experiencing with all his senses, which I in turn have a hard time relating to. Plus the "go-with-the-flow" lack of planning drives me insane sometimes...

    So, observations would be great!

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    I dunno, but if my interaction with ISFP interests generalizes, then the extent to which the ISFP will be baffled by deep INFJ innards (and their resulting facial expressions) might actually be comical to watch. Someone needs to video tape such a happening sometime, i want to laugh at extreme S/N comm barriers (and thats only cuz ive been frustrated by it myself)

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