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Well then, what is your view of astrology in comparison to the MBTI?
Which do you feel is more accurate and have more validity?
Astrology: Proposes to predict your future based upon the stars and their placement in the sky. Stars are big balls of superhot gas, lightyears away from us and from each other. How is that a system for predicting the future? Furthermore, astological predictions are interchangeable. Read an Aries the horoscope for a Taurus and you have just as much of a chance of it being accurate. There is no science involved.

MBTI: Proposes to predict behavior based upon a test taken by the subject. I have successfully predicted people's behavior using the MBTI model, which is much more than I could ever say for astology. It's not 100% accurate, but nothing in psychology is. There is some soft science involved.

Winner: MBTI