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Thread: NF's and others

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortabunt View Post
    I like SFPs so far. They're a little crazy, but they know how to make you comfortable with it. They can wear you out quickly, but they know how to enjoy life in a way I usually can't figure out on my own.

    I'm divided on STPs. One half of them are very interesting, charming, sophisticated, and easy to relate to (presumably the ones with good Fe), but the other half of them are creepy and scare/gross the heck out of me. That one letter can make a HUGE difference with SPs. They're as different as a bard and a rogue (guess which is which). I either like or want to kill STPs, not a lot in between.

    I know STJs pretty well. They're easy to get along with, as long as we're not working too closely. If we work too closely, we start running into conflict. Aside from work... I guess I'd say they're trustworthy, helpful, sometimes intelligent, and overall average. There are a few creepy ones that somehow learned to act like a poor imitation of the bad STPs, though, and I always feel sorry for them. Sometimes an SFJ comes into their lives and helps them get back to normal, if they're lucky. I don't want to know what happens to the others. *shudder*

    Speaking of SFJs... they make very good friends and are rather relaxing to be around. They can seem a little petty about details at first, but after you learn what they expect and why, they're easy to please. They're actually pretty clever and have interesting rationales for their behavior. People usually see them as being very similar to me on the surface. We definitely have similar fears and coping mechanisms. They're also very reliable... they won't forget you're with them and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere like a P might. The major sticking point is usually their judgment of people in terms of physical appearances/qualities rather than character/behavior, and passive-aggressive intolerance towards those who are different. If it weren't for those two things, they'd make perfect friends. Oh well, no one's perfect. I like them anyway.

    I love ENTPs and INTJs. INTPs are good too, but a little hard to read sometimes. I don't really know any ENTJs, so I can't comment on them. I've spoken about NTs so often that I don't feel like repeating myself here.

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    I'm going to do things a little differently, since my attitudes differ widely within a couple temperaments.

    SFP -- They're not the deepest people in the world, but they make up for that with kind hearts and a power to stimulate. A couple of my best friends have belonged to this type.

    STP -- I don't mesh well with this personality. I don't like that they're rough and vulgar; they hate that I'm soft and dreamy.

    STJ -- We usually keep our distance. When we meet, they consider me ridiculous and I consider them conformist. I don't think I've ever gotten through that stage with an ISTJ, but I have with a few ESTJs. What followed was usually tough love on their end and a sense of being childlike on mine.

    SFJ -- This type seems to be drawn to me, and I find that they're often generous people. I have reservations with them, though: most of them carry a strand of traditionalism which, if I were to reveal my deeper facets, would either turn me into a novelty or something to be shunned.

    NT -- My interactions with this type have been hit and miss. I've formed some of my deepest bonds with this temperament, and I've also had some of the worst aggravation of my life.
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