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Thread: ENFJ & INFP

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    Default Lost crush on ENFJ

    This is for ENFJ guys. So I had a crush on this ENFJ guy after our first encounter freshmen year in college. I decided to avoid him but throughout 4 years of college he always gazed at me whenever we passed each other. I felt strong connection with him and suspect till this day that he was also mysteriously drawn to me even though I kept ignoring him. It's been 6 years now and I find myself thinking of him more and more because I never allowed myself to crush on him.

    My 1st question is: do you think he had a crush on me because he would always make sure to look at me even though I acted all cold for more than 3 yrs!

    2nd question is: I've being obsessing with the idea of writing him a love letter confessing my would a ENFJ guy respond? Would he care or be nice about it?

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    I think maybe INFPs and ENFPs would annoy he hell out of each other

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