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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    so defiant!
    Have your fun, have your fun... I'll settle in nicely to this feisty/sassy/rebel role you have cast me in...

    i'm currently waiting tables for money and i have that sense of being forgotten by others, which is nice in some ways and terrible in others. you never have more social freedom than when no one notices you, but at the same time, it gets maddening when you get disrespected by far less capable creatures than yourself. i'm thinking about going back to school, but starting small and aiming for a middle ground commitment-wise that will benefit me, allow me to explore exactly what i want with very little waste, and still put me in a much better situation afterwards both in terms of my own development and my external like resume. a little validity helps out there in the "real world," protects you with a bit of power in your corner to wield.
    I never had to wait tables - that always seemed like one of the hardest jobs imaginable. If anything though, I think the "disrespected by far less capable creatures" gets worse, not better as you "move up" in the world. More education and better jobs makes people think they're a lot smarter than they are. The more they think of you as a peer, the more direct they can be about it. I can't count the number of times I had to hold my tongue while someone at work casually used "high-school dropout" as a synonym for "stupid." I'm with you on the rest of it though... education will give you more options and more protection in the real world. Plus, learning is fun. I'd wish you the best of luck, but I'm not sure that would be defiant enough.

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    I read this thread just before I met with someone who kept going on about how much potential I have. So whilst they were talking I was thinking about this thread and how true it is.

    I may have potential, but so far it's been the potential to screw up on a large scale lol.

    I feel like I have been convinced all my life by people who run across me that I am destined for something better, and yet I am here still, unfulfilled potential.

    Hah, but potential isn't always a compliment if you think about it, it's just reminding you that you are not quite good enough yet.
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    ofc, everybody is above average in average, and everybody is awesome, and everybody could statistically have a chance at being the master of the multiverse.

    That's just a sad excuse. The fact that "there a chance that **** If **** ' is just as relevant to one's life as knowing the best burgers are in a place u'll never visit.
    You either do, or don't. That's as far as reality goes kids.
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    Potential is really a hard thing to measure. It's all about drive, whether or not you feel like you have anything to contribute and--moreso--whether you're willing to work on that skill. It's so individual. It's maddening when other people stick their heads in and go "you need to work harder to reach your potential"; it makes you want to work less!

    You wanna reach your "potential"? Go for it. But the best thing is you can always keep improving, no matter what it is you're reaching for. And that should be a positive thing, not a negative one.
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