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View Poll Results: Do you overthink/try to hard to start a relationship?

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  • Yes, I probably am too obsessive about it.

    19 65.52%
  • No, I just roll with the punches. What happens happens.

    6 20.69%
  • Not sure.

    6 20.69%
  • I see dead people.

    6 20.69%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloee View Post
    you don't remember because I was dressed like this, and not like in my avatar;my everyday life work clothes.
    as a matter fact i think you're still hiding under that ball dress

    Oh! So there are three of you then? It all makes sense now!

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    Can you two please conduct your weird foreplay elsewhere please? :P Haha, cute to watch though

    I tend to overthink what they might think of me, but if I get a hint of things going well and it being a good possibility for a decent relationship, I take charge and go for it.
    I'm all over it like a tramps on chips! That's fries to those over the pond
    Never stick your d*ck in pudding...You can spend all day talking about how great it is but no-one will eat it 'cos you stuck your d*ck in it!!!

    "Does it involve wanton destruction?"
    "We can only hope"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattC333 View Post
    Can you two please conduct your weird foreplay elsewhere please? :P Haha, cute to watch though
    It's actually a role-play, you are invited to join. Just pic cartoon or fairytale and dress appropriate

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    I voted "not sure". I suppose I have actively pursued a relationship in the sense that I've done the online dating thing. I put myself "out there".
    However, I'd just sit back and let people message me and initiate any plans to meet. After that, if I like the guy, I over-fantasize without taking much action.

    I'm not the kind to chase a person down at all, and ultimately I have to be pursued. And it seems the other person & me always have opposite ideas as to whether things should develop further... I like him, but he's not into me and vice verse. If I don't like a guy, I am upfront, but I have trouble being so upfront if I do like him.

    Most of the dating I have done has been "traditional", meaning it started off romantically & intentions were clear that we were on a date. I've never dated someone where I started off as friends or whatever; I've never "fallen into" dating someone.

    I have also definitely never woken up one day and realized I was in a relationship.
    "Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me; no hope, no how, just another false alarm"
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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