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    Default Do you get along with people of your own type?

    Would too many similarities rub you the wrong way, or since it is expressed differently in each person does it provide familiarity and interest?

    Like me, my mum's an INFJ (I think) and we get along famously, although she is much more direct with people than I am. I have one INFJ friend that I like, but don't really feel akin to. She strikes me as more ISFJ.

    Some online INFJs seem really flaky, although there are others that I wish lived closer to me! Maybe that has more to do with age and maturity. Also with being anonymous online, they probably share more than they would in person.

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    I answered this as ENFP, but.. new thread, new type, let's go.

    Most ENFJs I know are absolutely neurotic and codependent. When in this state, they tell people what they "need to" or "should" be doing. And since they're so outwardly focused, they'll probe for emotional reactions in others and look for problems to fix while avoiding tackling their own. People need to validate them at every turn and sugarcoat what needs to be said, or else they feel useless and unloved.

    ...GOD :steam:

    The mature ones are excellent, however. They've found themselves and then let themselves go, like catching a fish and releasing it back into the wild. They help people for the right reasons. They don't struggle to hold onto a false image of themselves or to protect their own egos.

    Think Stephen Covey. It's astounding how much insight and impact that guy has.

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    I get on well with other ISFJs. They usually share the trait that I value most in people which is kindness, something that can exist within other types but is commonly found in FJs. Depending on the maturity level I'm also very receptive to those who are not judgemental of others. The irony is that I'm judgemental of people who judgemental towards others.

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    I get on well with other NFP's, at least from my perspective. I enjoy their company because it feels like we fit, even with our various differences there is a fundamental connection that is not there so much with other types.

    I love it personally, although I love other types too, it's about differences that are awesome at that stage, whereas with my own type it's about similarities that are awesome.
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    My closest friend is an ESFP. I love it. Like hanging around with myself sometimes. I'd say that I get along with about half or so of my own type. I've met a lot of idiot ESFP's that make me want to run and hide and cry. Self centered, loud, messed up, stupid, slutty.
    The list goes on.
    I find most people of my own type, especially as I get older, are simply fun, non-judgmental, generous, and great friends! Very liable to cheer me up when i'm down and such just happy and non-complicated people. Which is what I like

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    I'd say yes. But they totally should stop cramping my style. But I guess that's why god created the histrionic brand of ENFPs, so it's all good.

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    I need other NF's in my life. It's important. I feel like I'm fighting the world at times, and a sympathetic ear can be like an oasis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nebbykoo View Post
    I need other NF's in my life. It's important. I feel like I'm fighting the world at times, and a sympathetic ear can be like an oasis.
    i agree 100%. i think for me nf is always good, tho i feel that any N type refreshes me a whole lot. but with my own type it does feel kind of like we're constantly doing awesome jumping high fives. even better tho is dominant iNtuitives. when with other infjs, intjs, entps, and enfps, i feel like we should be in the pentagon or make up a plan for world domination. or at least start a band.

    infps and intps are like a litmus test for me. they keep me on track and make sure my values stay sharp and honed and right. plus they inspire me and remind me of the beauty and complexity underneath the surface, trapped inside human beings. infps clean up human feelings subjective experience and values/beliefs and intps clean up human ideas in language/logic.

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