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Thread: Odd observation

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    Itís all about the associations. People donít want to be associated with things they find irritating or undesirable. So the negative descriptions in those threads arenít going to draw a lot of people to type them as the same type as themselves. On the other hand, the reverse is often true in the threads trying to type celebrities. There are a large number of posts there where people seem eager to claim a desirable person as being the same type as them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kar View Post
    I noticed exactly the same! At the moment, I know someone who I don't like at all. In fact, I totally HATE that person. So I decided to type her and after a long time I realized she was ENFP, just like me.
    We often dislike the things about others that are our own weaknesses reflected. Just a thought to ponder ...

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    So then I'd be partying all the time and then I'd try toruin other peoples lives because I think that they shouldn't be able to have what I can't have? Jeez.
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