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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I've found INTPs to be quite sensitive also, or at least they don't handle criticism very well. The difference may be that INFPs are also sensitive to others & their feelings. INTPs seem a little obtuse in that area.
    If it's criticism that I think is unjust, I sometimes will lash out if I'm being criticized. And by "lash out" I mean argue them down and show them why they're wrong. Or I may feel irritated at the moment of criticism. But I rarely get down on myself for having been criticized, and I don't stew on it for days and days. If I have an emotional reaction to being criticized, it will most likely be an angry rationalization aimed outward at the other person, or at some other person involved (e.g., "it was so and so's fault," or "it wouldn't be a problem if you weren't so needlessly strict about such and such").

    I'll let an INFP fill in how they react to criticism. I suspect that they will tend not to argue, and probably turn the criticism inward and be sad about it/wonder why they were so <stupid/lazy/ignorant/whatever> that they did whatever they are being criticized for. But that's just my hypothesis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Questions like these don't say much, there's just far too much potential for overlap.

    Not all INTPs always take the technical route.
    Not all INFPs take the personal route.
    It's easy for both to focus on the tech specs if they want, here.

    But it's also more likely that both the INTP and INFP, for ad copy, will engage Ne more than their primary and end up looking a lot alike.

    I think a better check would be providing a relational scenario of some sort and asking each how they would handle it.

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