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    I didn't answer the question.

    No, I don't do that. It is easy for me to imagine being in any shoes I want to be though. Therefore, I don't really have to try things to get an idea of what it's like or what I like. I think I have a fair level of accuracy in these imaginings just because of the sheer amount of stored data points, for lack of a better explanation of what it's like to have Si and Fi.

    Also, I'm not a very spontaneous individual when it comes to action, despite being random and whimsical overall.
    I'm not crying... I'm just haunted by onions.

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    I don't have to try doing what others do literally to figure out others' perspectives.
    There's no love in fear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sacrophagus View Post
    Luck you. It's a good thing I have everything to stop the bleeding.

    *chooses to watch her bleed to death instead*
    and they said romance was dead *sigh*

    each night i die only to live again by daylight
    blow a kiss to the universe and it is certain to wink at you in return.
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