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I want to know. Curiousity.
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No, because I can look at others and learn from their mistakes. Some things are not worth the risks either. I have moral boundaries as well.
I feel a mix of both. Somethings, like drugs, I don't feel like I need to try, even though I'm naturally curious, simply because I don't need drugs to know what addiction and substance abuse and hanging out with a bad crowd are like. I know those already, so I'm okay simulating some experiences with appropriate mixing and matching.

Also, some experiences clearly have no benefit to me because I already understand exactly what I would have had to painstakingly derive in order to to render the whole of it unnecessary for repetition. There's no point throwing a pretty ring into a puddle of muddy water and going to look for it if it's already in my hand and I know that.

Good for you for embracing new situations though.