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    Default ENFJs and emotion

    seriously I hate my emotions sometimes. I need some Prozium.

    But in retrospect if we don't feel, then we aren't human. Just robots. Then John Connor would kill us.

    Anyone agree with me about hating their emotions sometimes?

    Anger is what I was dealing with today. Ugh. I got over it but enduring it was rather character building lol

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    No, because while it's true that humans do need to feel something, it's what we do with it that counts. Like today, I felt like I diappointed a friend when I didn't show up for something. So, when I got on the computer and wrote on his FB wall about how sorry I was. My friend wrote me back and said that it sucked anyways, and that it was fine.

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    The second we feel our emotions are getting the best of us, it's time to implement the "T" our pedagogues have endowed in us.

    In my experience, "F" is allowed to call the shots until it reaches a wall of negativity or dissent, where "T" takes over to make sure I'm not emotionally incoherent. This way, if the logic should come out flawed I at least know I considered the situation rationally. Acting purely out of emotion without tact has never turned out well.
    "In the game of chess, you can never let your opponent see your pieces."

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    Oh, I've been pretty vocal about how much I feel like a hostage to my own emotions. Like I have no choice about what I feel and must brace myself through it like a root canal. I may be bracing myself repeatedly in one day too, so that's not a cheery prospect, I understand. I've learned to outwardly underreact due to the influence of my sister and mother (enfp, estj, respectively). Neither of them use Fe, and they've both stated that they're glad they don't. lol Thaaaaanks, family! My dad (an INFJ) and I get the same slapped look frequently when something bad occurs or something hits us funny, like Me and Mini Me.

    That's the downside of being an ENFJ. Your Fe is open to target practice, no matter how close behind your Ni is following it. I've had to learn strategies over time to at least shield myself from the worst of it, but also, avoidance has been the court of last resort. When I just KNOW I'm not going to be able to walk something off, or it'll take hours to walk it off, I avoid the situation like the plague.

    John Connor? He can battle my robot any day. haha!
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