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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    Incidentally, a band I play with contains an INFP and an INFJ who really don't much like each other or get along at all. I've had a lot of time to study their interactions, and it's a strain sometimes because they'll both continually misinterpret the intent behind the statements of the other and it escalates into this passive-aggressive "don't tread on me" battle.

    I suppose this could be Fe vs. Fi?
    I've only known a few INFPs, but I don't find that I get along with them especially well. I think it is partly Fe vs. least value-wise, Fi seems more subjective and inflexible to me. I'm much more apt to consider alternate viewpoints and strong logical arguments than some INFPs. On the other hand, I envy their strongly held values, because sometimes it feels like I can be reasoned out of most of mine. In any case, there's the possibility for communication problems. I've also experienced the passive-aggressive vibe between INFJ/INFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwigie View Post
    I notice INFPs are "bubbling inside" whereas it's much easier for INFJs to express emotions. I literally choke myself in anger, happiness, stress because it just never comes out. When it does, it's excessive.For example, when I'm overly happy it's barely readable until I suddenly let it out on some unsuspecting victim. They usually are disturbed by the out of the blue expression and don't seem to share it with me :P. I remember someone hugging me because I yelled at him after having known him for about three years:
    "Omg I've never seen you get mad in my life before!"(kind of out of place! lol!)
    I think Vicky Jo mentioned it in the site.

    That's just one big difference I noticed.

    Haha, same! When I get mad people get excited. "OMG I never heard you say that ever! Do it again!" XD My INFJ is just blunt and to the point. She's much, over-the-top?
    4w3, IEI, so/sx/sp, female, and Cancer sign.

    My thoughts on...

    DISCLAIMER: If I offend you, I'm 99.9% sure it's unintentional. So be sure to let me know, m'kay? (And yes, an INFP would stick this in their signature, lol.)

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    ^ Me too! It's always memorable for bystanders the first time I drop the F-bomb - jaws drop for a one-mile radius! People "love" seeing this naughty side of me - they think I never get angry I guess!

    But I can't shut out the world as mentioned earlier. Mission impossible. Much more Fe that way. In those cognitive function tests, my Fi / Fe test as almost equally developed.

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    I remember getting annoyed with Vicky Jo when she basically stated on that INFJ/INFP site that no INFJ ever wears mismatching socks, they're always INFP. It felt a little harsh, black and white. I'm an INFJ and I wear mismatching socks. It's fun and quirky and most important of all, it's easy (my sock collection is a mess!)

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