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    ohhh, nightning - I get it now. You're right, I should have quoted you... hahahaha...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Ashley View Post
    Wait, what's the difference?
    there's a big difference between a somewhat secure infj who feels free enough to be spontaneous at times and not using Ni strictly for paranoia and worry (defensively!). like constant context error-checking, making sure that everything is indefensible on any level.

    i remember watching this really shitty movie with owen wilson one night on television a few years back when i was still in h.s. and the line was something like "there are two kinds of people, why people and why not." it's juvenile in construction but it nevertheless illustrates the weight we put on ourselves as infj Ni dom types to justify everything at every moment (why, why, why???, to like synthesize all of the possible perspectives and interpretations from every angle, add them up, and like do calculus to understand the truth. knowing full well that we only accept unanimous decisions from the judges, anyway. harmony is a bitch (and i'm not referring to the girl at the strip club).

    i do also think as Ni dominants we feel as if we totally SEE how and why everything works. we can imagine ourselves doing anything, bc we understand how things fit together and what they are made up of. but we don't see that many of these things take a lifetime of practice to build, and the energy and time required as a down payment/initial investment is most often not worth it to us when our skills are elsewhere. let us be introverts and metaphysical mechanics. we can use our talents in many ways that do not necessarily have to stay the party line or conform to an image of success that is irrelevant to our actual most pressing desires. in the meantime, practice makes perfect, and something along the lines of baby steps. adaptation and habit happen eventually.

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    I swing between INFJ/INFP and INTP.

    I do think I was more an INFJ - but I've lived in an extremely extravert world. The school I have been to has been very competitive and agressive, and whilst this was quite frightening to me at first - I learnt to adapt. Thats what you do.

    At first it hurts and stings when people act in emotionless way, but after living with a lot of S and T's - I have learnt that theres a way to "give". Sometimes its OKAY to brush off problems and issues.

    I feel like I can change my personality depending on the situation and what it requires. I can be around extraverts and act extraverted myself. I have learnt to enjoy their company - and what they can offer us. However, my natural instinct is to curl up in bed and read a lot. But I do what I need to, to get by.

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    I'm prone to think, "This is the way I am, and I love it." Sure, it's hard sometimes, but I know what I need and I actively seek out situations and relationships where I can thrive. I don't think a there are a lot of SPs out there writing on forums and worrying that they aren't "deep" enough or better abstract thinkers. Honestly, most of the pain I had growing up came from not understanding and accepting my differences and respecting others for theirs.

    Now that I have, I'm perfectly happy living it up as a rare one.

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