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    After reading posts like this I realize that I might just be an ENFP after all. I hate doing homework, miss class but I usually do well on tests. I'm never organized either. I tried the whole planner thing but half the time I forget to even write in it or I use it for doodling on, lol >_<

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    Play to your strengths:

    1. Find a work buddy and do homework together. Make him/her and you set a reasonable goal for the day. Working with people helps. Sometimes that's incentive enough.
    2. Make it fun. Can you go work in a coffee shop where they play good music and you would have interesting people to look at during breaks?

    This is not playing to a strength but do it anyway:
    Organize and plan - while difficult for Ps, it is possible and an essential life skill so start now. You may not succeed in meeting your goal every time but don't give up. Break down the studying into smaller doable bits and divide those by the days/hours you have. Always give yourself a 1/3rd more time than you think you'll need for any task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth View Post
    Alright I am an ENFP trying to get through stupid year twelve and as suggested by my personality type, my organization skills are like beyond poor, though apparently I am a very bright and capable student. And I struggle to get to school on time. I always get the "did you do that homework last night?" to which my response is almost always "what homework..." So any ENFP's relate? And if so do you have some study skill tips and organization help so that I can pass this year?
    Heh. Don't ask me, I went through school um... I don't remember much about school; other than the teacher asking me 'where are you books?' and I replied 'at home, bitch'.

    What I'm saying is uhmm, the thing is not organization (I'm good at organization), it's motivation.
    Find ways to motivate yourself... I always liked making homework to music, for example. That kinda stuff.
    And, crack jokes in class; it helps
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    It gets better as you get older. Does that help?

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    I always frustrated my ENFJ mother because I was so unorganized. I would tell her that it was controlled chaos and I knew what I was doing. When I was in elementary school it would take me hours to do a couple of work sheets because I would get so distracted. I mean, after learning all day with barely any breaks, my brain was just done when I got out of school. There were some nights where I just couldn' it. Over the years I would try to write my assignments down so I wouldn't forget them but for some reason there would be at least one that I'd forget.

    Especially with math classes. I hated math with a passion, especially in high school. In my school it was always the math teachers that would assign the most homework (about 100 problems a night in some cases), and I'd barely do it. Thank God I graduated thats all I have to say.
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