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    Default Underdeveloped ENFP?

    what would an "underdeveloped" enfp look/act like? probably needy/clingy/lazy etc. but i want more details and more thoughts.

    how do you prevent this? how does an enfp go about "developing" themselves correctly and healthily to be the best they can?

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    Haha I would benefeit from this too, anyone got any advice? at all? anyone? please?

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    You have to realize what you want to be, recognize the steps taken to improve yourself and do it. That's all there is to it. (In doing so, you will be using your underdeveloped Te, so it will be somewhat difficult or unnatural) The system is simple, yet the process is difficult.
    Take quitting smoking for example. The way to do it quickest with the least amount of days spent in withdrawal is quitting cold turkey. So that's the system- just don't do it. But the actual process is quite difficult.
    You must realize what it is you want to be, and focus on that better you, know exactly how that person differs from who you are now. Realize the differences, and simply act them out. If you have an explosive temper, imagine someone who can stay cool and rational. The next time someone vexes you, act out the actions that the better you would do. This creates a small groove in your consciousness. Eventually that groove will be a rut. This is what we call 'habit.' And then, in a short time, you become who you wanted to be. I have undergone a large amount of self-transformation over time and this process of realization, visualization, and manifestation made me into someone wiser, calmer, kinder...

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    Yeah, the three adjectives you used were pretty much right. But anyone can be like that I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheerchick23 View Post
    what would an "underdeveloped" enfp look/act like?
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    when i went from not knowing who i was or what i was fighting for to where i am now, it never felt unnatural. it felt like it was supposed to happen. i still have some bad sides (being lazy in regards to uninteresting things), but i can at least see where i am headed clearly.
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    Underdeveloped ENFP - I guess that means which function you are talking about?

    An ENFP's (gooey?) center is Fi, so until you get all the kinks worked out and figure out which make and model you want to invest in, you aren't really a full-fledged ENFP. Or rather - you are ENFP through and through but you haven't gotten your wings to fly yet.

    Immature/undeveloped ENFPs cannot take responsibility for ourselves and can be outrageously flaky. It's not intentional of course, it's often caused by being distracted or actively running away from pain centers because we are so lost and have no idea how to handle them. So it's related to being extremely sensitive.

    I think kinda like that metaphor of a butterfly coming out of the cocoon and needing that crucial time to push its wings out to full shape (during that time it's fugly and still connected to the
    coccoon and struggling)

    Underdeveloped ENFPs lose or do not have the capacity to really see things from others POV or excercise true empathy because we're so wrapped up in our own swirling issues and too much stimuli. It makes us really irresponsible and contributes to being super flaky (I'm not talking about being somewhat 'flaky' because that goes with being an boilerplate ENFP, I mean truly dropping the ball and not being able to think ahead and realize the consequences or how other people will justifiably feel)

    Underdeveloped ENFPs are extremely self-deceptive and unethical.

    That is the key that an ENFP is undeveloped or something isn't quite right or complete in our development because the basis of our life philosophy is leading a beautiful, happy, ethical life and it's extremely important to conduct ourselves in line with pretty standard "everyone is created equal, everyone deserves a fair shot" etc. ideals.

    I think.
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    Unuderdeveloped ENFP's act life ESFP's because they are too nervous to act like themselves. Shame, I really like ENFP's when I get them to stop shooting around at mach four. I knew one, but she got better and stopped using people to get guys she liked jealous. I nearly broke her by telling her to go to hell.

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    Often it is rough for young ENFPs to be themselves and show it to the world, as it our quirkiness is frowned upon, which is something we're incredibly sensitive to. So we adapt to what society wants from us, or we try at least and often fail. Show us that you accept us for who we are without judgement..and we'll gladly show you more. In fact, it will be a relief to be able to be ourselves.

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    Re CzeCze's last post!!! This is how my endearing, yet daydreaming and lost and confused IRL ENFP friend is or at least, comes across to me, but will flatly deny it!!! Next time I get another round of projections or denials, I'll pull out that post by CzeCze and show it, I swear I am tempted to do that! Yea, the analogy of the butterfly still struggling in the cocoon is right on.

    There are times when I do get impatient at such SLOOOWWW growth. There are times when I tell myself it goes with the package. That the ENFP, no matter how old, will still be a big kid deep down. If you're lucky, you get a playful comrade, interesting, full of wit. If you're not so lucky, you get a petulant child who wants things just so. Or you get an indecisive girl, attracted by everything that glitters and not settling for anything, 'raining away from centres of pain' just like CzeCze wrote.

    And more often than not, someone who sends out fluffy mail to a dozen or so people who are all so special, and who are all supposed to 'be sure to send back' that 'i love you' mail or 'bear hugs to you all' mail...And if you receive back 12 or so, that means, you are REALLY loved.

    Comes across to me as just so much fluff mail, destined to provoke some kind of similar response , all sappy, syrupy sentimenalism. More like seeking reassurance that they are still loved or what not. Like applying patches on bruises or I don't know, storing up on people's adoration/praise and using that as fuel to feel happy and get through the day's routine...Musta been an ENFP who first said, you just made my day!

    Yet, go ahead and do show them how much they mean to you and you get this light-hearted response, that just bursts your bubble...

    The Teddy Bear INFJ, on the shelf right now.

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