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    1. Do other NFPs also have to trust someone to share emotionally with them?

    2. Do you find it is an all-or-none response? (ie if I share, I share everything, very open, very intense, very trusting)
    Yes, I yo-yo as a type 4 between "hiding" to see if anyone will seek me out emotionally, and "seeking."

    3. Do you not always understand the other persons emotional boundaries? (For me I just open and dump everything out, and sometimes miss that others more slowly open up emotionally-thus I overwhelm them and am too intense, too personal, too quickly)
    Once I reach a certain threshold, then yes I dump everything which isn't a good idea! But, I have to reach that threshold first or you will know zero about me.

    4. Do you ever mistake Fe for Fi, and then engage in an emotionally intimate way, only to then get rebuffed a bit? (This happens to me with tertiary Fe in estps and entps both. I misinterpret thier charm and friendliness for open emotional intimacy, not a tool for interacting with others socially)
    I am not good with functions, but I act emotionally towards people and get shut down in doing so sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speculative View Post
    ... but I act emotionally towards people and get shut down in doing so sometimes.
    Understandable. I have done so as well..
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