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    Great post Synapse - maturity more important than many seem to want to account for. The other thing is being able to recognize it...

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    For the most part I like them. As long as they're not curmudgeons I like pretty much anyone lol

    I look up to people who are organized because that's exactly what I'm not (NM, that's a J thing. I guess a lot of the thinkers I know are also Js.) I like when people bring things to my attention that I missed; thinkers are good at that, especially when they aren't condescending about it. I like NTs who share my love of learning and are genuinely curious about the world around them.

    Basically I like people who are humble and smart. If you are a thinker and are not condescending, arrogant, or curmudgeonly, we should be friends. I'll spread you with sloppy Fi kisses and wonder why you get annoyed with me.
    Just because I'm an INFP doesn't mean I'm emo!

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    I like most thinkers. My sister's married to an engineer who's very "T", almost Spock-like. She's an emotional roller coaster. Or was. Early in their marriage she drove him nuts but he calmly weathered the storm & she learned to disengage her emotions when they were driving her (& him) crazy & think objectively. Finding answers calmly instead of ranting or crying. Not that all NFs do that but she used to. She'll always be an "NF" but no longer lets her feelings overwhelm her anymore. I thought her hubby was about as interesting as a brick but over time I've learned he's the anchor that keeps their family grounded. Thinkers? Cool. I'd like to be a "T" for a week to see what it's like. Or maybe have an "ON-OFF" switch for it.

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    As long as they have a sense of fun and humor, I love them. They provide needed balance, and I appreciate their wit and logic.
    I think I think more than you think I think.

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    I like them a lot, NTs especially. I love logical and intuitive thinking.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    a lot of my close friends are thinkers. I have a good relationship with all of them, but immature thinkers can really irritate me. I used to be friends with a guy who was a self-proclaimed genius (although he was honestly not very intelligent at all). He thought he was right about EVERYTHING. he would start arguments about things of little importance and keep them going until one person won. but he could never accept being wrong about anything. even when i would prove him wrong with facts, he would always have some kind of excuse. he always talked to me like i was a child that he was informing, even if i was already very informed on the topic being discussed . He also had big problems understanding any opinion that wasn't his own, and he often would argue for these opinions as if they were facts- one of us is "right," the other is "wrong." he had a constant need to be "better" than me, which i tried VERY hard to ignore; i made a huge effort to look past these annoyances. it didn't take long for me to realize that we really had nothing in common and i was only spending time with him because i felt obligated- i was the only person that was willing to put up with him. luckily he found someone else to boss around (they are now best buds), so i had a chance to distance myself from him without feeling like i was abandoning someone who had obvious issues.

    some of my thinker friends share personality traits with each other that will occasionally irritate me:

    -can be selfish - won't go out with us unless we do what they want, or if they do come they'll complain until they get their way. unwilling to do something unless they see a personal gain.

    -if one of our friends accomplishes something that truly impresses most of our group, the thinker friends will sometimes try to turn it into a "one-up-fest" as we've come to call them.

    -willing to embarrass a friend to draw negative attention off of themselves.

    -emotions can seem fake.. example- a while back one of my thinker friends got out of a 2 year relationship that he was not at all committed to. he took advantage of the girl's obsession with him and loved the attention she gave him. when she dumped him and cut all ties, he became very needy. he was constantly threatening to kill himself, which everyone took VERY seriously- we all were significantly stressed out by it (at first). i know it sounds bad, but truthfully most of us eventually saw these emotions as artificial, and more of a need for the attention that he was no longer getting from his ex. (he's much better now though)

    -overly competitive at times- to the extent that it is NOT fun to participate in whatever they're getting so worked up about.

    despite all these things that annoy me about thinkers, i really do love all of my thinker friends. they are a blast to be with and i know that they truly value all the feelers in the group (even if they don't understand us ). the things i pointed out are only things i have observed on occasion, they are almost always great fun to be with.

    so... yeah, thinkers can be frustrating, but the same can be said about any personality type. in general thinkers are amazing, intriguing people. their many great qualities help balance out the areas of my personality that i feel are lacking.

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