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    I'm a biochem major, and even I get sick and tired of "NTJ"-ness....and I know from my physics class that it only gets worse there. It's soooo elitist, everyone there is better than everyone else.

    How to survive in that atmosphere? Be competent.

    That's really all there is to it....just do a good job. And don't whine about your personal life. But I think that not whining is just the professional way to act--that stuff doesn't belong in the workplace--and I don't think that has much to do with type.

    There's no excuse for the people who are just jerks though--all the "Out of my way because I'm always right!" types. Just avoid them as much as possible.

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    Now that its a Monday and presumably most people are at work perhaps this thread will get more responses than did starting it on a Friday night.

    NF's, I KNOW I am not the only NF in a TJ environment, comment away...

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