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Thread: NF's and Movies

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    1. How do you watch movies? Is it like my friends or more like mine or even possibly a different way?

    Hmm, well I know that whenever I see a movie- I somehow replace the characters with myself- it becomes very personal. I wonder to myself- how would I react- what would I say or do here in this situation- how would I respond- how am I alike or different from this character- what situations can I relate to and what experiences are familiar or different to me? I basically live out the story being presented to me in my head and react to everything in my head on how I would personally respond. I prefer character driven stories and dialogue rich movies.

    With comedies as just one example, I add my own jokes to things and fantasize about what I would do if I were a character in the movie. I put myself in the story. I can get so involved that I can lose sense of reality or lose a sense of suspension of disbelief- because I am putting myself in the story I feel as emotionally involved as if I was really there- this can be very taxing and have very strong effects even after the movie is through.

    I am very impressionable as well- a dark movie will put me in a dark mood- I will absorb the emotions and feelings being presented to me and they have to ride themselves out. Movies are real to me- the story becomes real- it feels like a personal experience even if not my own. A heroic and person of strong character in a movie will really inspire me and influence me tremendously and a philosophy being presented in a movie or a message will linger with me and make me question and analyze it for years. Everything sticks to me if there is an emotional response from me. I will look at life through the lenses presented to me in the movie I just watched and will then struggle to figure out what I really feel or think.

    2. Do you think MBTI Type/Function order plays a role in how we view movies?
    Sure- I wouldn't know how to explain myself though in an MBTI type technical way.

    3. Name your favourite movie :> !
    Life is Beautiful
    Never have I seen a movie challenge me so much to see just how much your attitude flavors and impacts a situation- not just for yourself but for others. Never have I seen a more noble example of a good attitude even in the most horrible of situations- never have I seen a spirit so strong as that character who was the father and main character.

    After that I would say St. Ralph. Another strong spirited person.
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    OP: I watch films like your friend does. I experience the main character's emotions. This is why I can really enjoy a film like Lost in Translation, which really has not plot to speak of. Films allow me to experience certain emotions I might not otherwise experience in certain situations, and the films I hold in highest regard do this the best.

    This is weird, because when I write I don't write like I watch movies. My characters are more like pawns on a chessboard that I move around, and I have a real problem with characterization and creating characters the elicit emotions from the reader.

    I wonder if this is because I take in stories using Fi, but emit stories using Te?
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