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Of course some people will sometimes find you weird/crazy because they don't know the reasons behind some of your actions and they find it strange. Its impossible to understand everyone, because there are so many ways a person can grow up and different ideals/experience that shaped them. Not to mention every person perceives the same event differently. Its like dropping something on the ground and you don't know where it will fall; up, sideway, or down. So mirroring someone doesn't necessarily means you can understand someone, because the way you perceive said action will probably be viewed differently because of diffent value/experience.

But i do agree that it can be use to create a common grounds. But to understand someone, you need to know their foundation.

I need to read some of Richard Feynman's book, people do talk highly of him.
I agree but I understand them from my own perspective and that is the only way I'll understand anyone. More or less.