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    I had/have a lot of family issues.
    I don't know if how I handled them has much to do with type, per se. But I suppose it could.
    I took responsibility for the emotional welfare of everyone in my family, repressing my own needs. Codependence.
    It's something I'm still working to unlearn to this day.
    Over time, I've learned how to look at those situations/relationships in a more objective light, in order to make sense of what's healthy, and what's not, and what I'm responsible for, and what I'm capable of doing for myself, as well as others.

    Because I feel so deeply, and take things intensely personally [regarding my family dynamic] I had to turn off certain parts of myself to just survive/maintain some semblance of sanity, I think.
    Studying psychology helped a lot.
    Befriending NTs has, as well.
    I'm slowly learning how to feel human again.
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    ^ I think sometimes, when we care too much, we literally can 'feel' the other persons' pain, and it really eats us up inside? It does for me.

    I learned to accept the fact that some people just do not share the same intentions.. Everything that they do, including myself, is a choice.

    Other people have a choice to do what they think/feel is right, but sometimes, our choices don't quite match up and we miscommunicate.

    What helps me most is to have hope that things will always work out for the best, regardless.

    We don't necessarily have to try to fix others' problems, because that is out of our hands. I think if we tend to our own needs and wish others well, then the pain eventually subsides and things work itself out, when the time's right..

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    Quote Originally Posted by NashK View Post
    I assume this because we have more sensitive natures and tend to take things personally (e.g. parents fighting.) We also have more intense emotions than others (at least us INFPs.) Therefore it seems logical that we would be affected in a greater way.
    Tend to take things personally? See this I don't understand. I'm an NF and can't relate to that at all.

    I'm always very much aware of what I want or need and, being very vocal, haven't got the slightest problem in making myself heard if I'm feeling unhappy. ENFPs are known for their good coping mechanisms (and this I've read elsewhere too) and along with other NFs don't get enough credit for being able to handle their own feelings. I mean...WE are feelers. How is a non NF any better equipped to deal with relationships problems?? We are the "people" people.

    Quote Originally Posted by NashK View Post
    If not, then prove me wrong. Be my guest.
    How about you prove me you're right?

    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    You're all a bunch of crybabies! I, NT, have spoken! And so it is thus.
    Hey mister, I think you're on to something there.

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