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    I believe there's beauty in everyone, and all you have to do is look for it. That's all very well until you take into account, oh yeah, just like me everyone has ugliness inside too. If you choose to see only the good parts in people, the bad parts will come and bite you in the private parts.

    That's about as close to "love of humanity" as I get. Once in a while I can do compassion for humanity. But I don't know all of humanity, do I, so how can I love it? (Let alone define it.)

    Sure I have ideas of what kind of friends I'd like or what traits I'd like in a man, but how can I expect everyone to live up to that? I used to want to fix people. But some people don't see anything that needs fixing, and even if they did they wouldn't want my help. How would I feel if someone came along and tried to turn me into something just like them? Pretty mad, that's how.

    There's good and bad in everyone. I just have to decide what kind of bad I'm able to tolerate in other people, and learn to deal with the bad in myself in the best way possible. It's a learning process for me to try to think realistically.

    That's it I think.
    Just because I'm an INFP doesn't mean I'm emo!

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    I definitely feel you here.

    Most of the time, i would rather be by those type of people too. It makes me happier than most anyone else can.
    There are a lot of annoying people in my life and, it's sometimes hard to look at them positively, so you just got to
    change your point of view so a grudge doesn't happen to develop.

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