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    Quote Originally Posted by placebo View Post
    Destructive, hurtful people who don't want to change and help themselves.

    People who distract me, I hate, and find hard to tolerate, but that's more of a fault of my own when I'm in an irritable mood...
    Actually, they're two pet peeves of mine. I don't hate people who distract me, but it sends me into irritable rages more often than anything else, which can lead to a lot of misunderstandings.

    But people who constantly moan about their lives, don't listen to any advice, and do not take any action to change their lives for the better.. I actively avoid them and cannot stand them. I know they have self esteem-related problems, but often their behaviour translates into self-destructive tendencies and a fake form of superiority (I.e they don't listen to the opinions of anyone else and blame those around them for 'making' them feel bad) which alienates everyone around them. Deeeeeep breath
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    I admire (in friends):

    Especially in the areas that I'm lacking. It's nice to know that someone is quite capable and willing to deal with situations that I have less skills in, without them having a need to constantly show it off

    Have some idea of what you stand for. Doesn't have to match my ideals (though it is handy), but at least have some personality and stand up for what you believe.

    This is one of the things I find a must. I try my best to accept you for who you are, and I kinda expect the same from you. I'm allergic to people who feel they have the right to shove their own ways down someone else's throat

    I'm not asking you to ooze it, but some warmth and kindness is comforting and really smoothens out human relations, imo, though often I've found that 'cold' people tend to be very warm once they trust you


    It's nice to know who your friends are and that they will in fact be there for you when you need them and vice versa.


    Especially when in a 'crisis'-situation. It's something I can immensely appreciate in someone and goes hand in hand with the confidence thing.


    I love learning new stuff, and I love being stimulated. Intelligence is like a magnet to me. I love people who are smarter than me


    I love people who know what they want and go all out to get it (provided they don't harm anyone on the way)


    Can't explain this...just really admire it in people who have it.

    What I strongly dislike:


    I cannot stand people who blame others for flaws they have themselves in spades. Really cannot. Or who point the finger at someone else when doing something that disadvantages them somewhat, while they're doing the same to someone else or did the same to that same person. I wanna smack their head against a wall. And I realize we all are hypocrites at some point or another, but I try my very best to avoid being one at all times.


    Stop insulting my intelligence and wasting my time. Really.

    Judging others

    Hyper-allergic to this one. Let he who casts the first stone, etc. You are not perfect either. Stop expecting it from other people.

    Deliberately causing others harm

    Seriously, wtf. Again, do onto others as you would have them do onto you. And keep in mind that we're not all the same people and some may not have the tolerance for 'harm' that you do, so don't even go there. Aka, don't blame it on the victim coz they're 'oversensitive'.


    I can totally tolerate people venting and even complaining for a while. But it has to be temporary. As for nagging: if you keep nagging at me to do something, I will make it a point never to do it for you, ever. Ask me normally and stop finding it utterly normal that I do things for you. Appreciation is key.

    If you need to vent about something to organize your thoughts, I am all for that, and I will gladly help you. But at some point, you have to either shut up about it, or do something about it. You cannot keep whining forever. And this is especially true if we've been over the situation multiple times and you are unwilling to accept it for what it is. Acceptance is the only way you'll move forward with your life and if you are truly unable to do so, learn to work around it. I don't mind you complaining and whining however, as long as you are making progress. Then you can take a long as you want. But getting stuck in circles will do no one any good.

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    I admire honesty. Don't care about anything else.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    above all original modesty.

    if you can not see, that this live creates you, not the other way round, then you don't have my trust.

    i am totally okay with humorous displays of ego, bragging, whatever.... i am also the last one who would preach that people are all the same - they are not - or that they should present themselves as if they were. i also know that - while some people are their own worst enemies, others can function as unity. that's not the point. you just need to have the ability to switch your perspectives from ego to causality.

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    honesty with compassion

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    Quote Originally Posted by tibby View Post
    integrity >< hypocrisy
    Couldn't have summed it up better.

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    Awesome lists guys! Could not put it better myself.

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    Qualities I admire-
    Flair and Personality
    Being strong enough to be vulnerable- trust
    Making me think
    Bringing out the best in others
    Being Objective
    Honesty- EVEN IF IT HURTS
    Good Active Humor
    Grace and kindness
    Joy of Life
    Good Communication Skills- I watch in awe and desire that so much and really admire people who have that.

    I don't admire
    being too serious
    being not easily amused
    being too grown up that you become a pirate,lol.
    not meaning what you say-
    empty complimenting
    not investing in quality time with loved ones
    not liking dogs
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    i don't consider people friends in general; they're associates mostly. i'm not loyal because i consider objectivity a more integral part of myself, and try to at all times remain neutral. i keep very few people close. those that are, are my equals in mental prowess.

    i value:
    honesty (brutally honest myself)
    inner harmony
    willingness to learn

    people that piss me off are often naysayers, by-the-book people or people who will disregard your opinion based on how much they know about something and not how much is known in general. better knowing people who often also turn out to be wrong or hypocritical. what ticks me off the worst, however, is injustice. it makes me want to maim and torture those responsible.

    all that said, i naively and intuitively believe in the good of each and every person, so i will always greet new people with a smile and adapt to the wavelength their personality is at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StephMC939 View Post
    Just out of curiosity... what qualities do you NFs admire and or respect in others?
    Many things, but what leaps to mind first is autonomy and the courage or fortitude it requires when it is subjectively {Big Picture} good, but {Small Picture} bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by StephMC939 View Post
    What qualities do you aspire to be?
    Many, but I'll stick to one for the sake of 2 cent discussion: more autonomous because I find that I am constantly compromising my inherent autonomy for the benefit of the people around me. I suspect this is an INFJ conflict given NiFeTi.

    Quote Originally Posted by StephMC939 View Post
    Also, what do you NOT respect? What qualities do you have trouble tolerating?
    The inflexibility in being autonomous when it is subjectively bad. Being influenced by morality or responsive to a social more has its advantages.

    Also, I__Js in general have a tendency to behave as if they were islands unto themselves, which is somewhat true, but like it or not we/they are part of an archipelago and our positions produce consequence among our neighbors, therefore ourselves.[<---Standard INFJ reasoning/ISFJ reality?]
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